99 days 'till Christmas

When I was in the eighth grade I had to dress up like an elf for a Christmas choir concert to pass out candy canes to the other students. Now some would think that this would be pretty degrading, but I welcomed the opportunity to go out in the audience to give my childhood crush a candy cane and to completely skip over the girls who ignored me on a daily basis.

I swear to goodness that my elf costume was an ensemble almost identical to this one. Just replace my button down with a white turtleneck and put some jingle bells on my feet, and voilà : a very judgmental Christmas elf at your service. I had the same haircut in the 8th grade, too, so I'm feeling pretty juvenile today.

Red jumper
earring and jumper detail

date: 17 September 2009
occasion: NBC tv watching party tonight!
dress: thrifted via Savers
shirt: Express circa 2001
tights: Target
earrings: gift
ballet flats: Payless

I bought this dress at the Labor Day at Savers and it was marked as a size 13- 14 and the tag inside says size XL. Size extra large? Really? Am I wearing a little kids' dress? Geez, no wonder I'm feeling juvenile. Great. I'm on the road to becoming like my mother: 52 years old and still shopping the juniors section. Nooooooo!