Labor Day Savers Sale

It's Labor Day and neither Hubs nor I had to labor! Savers was having their annual 50% off sale, so we braved the crowds and did some couples thrifting. This is exciting for two main reasons:
1. Hubs usually hates thrifting with me and usually does not offer to accompany me, and
2. He recently asked me to give him a wardrobe make-over starting January first of 2010, but he has agreed to start buying clothes that are not t-shirts and hoodies starting now. With this, he has also agreed to be photographed for Adored Austin starting this January!

Savers treasures (Hubs)
purple shirt- $4.00
teal shirt- $3.00
plaid pearl snap shirt- $3.50
Halloween costume:
Polo Ralph Lauren Univerisity blazer
- $5.00,
(can anyone guess what Hubs is going to be for Halloween?)

I didn't do too shabby, either:

Savers treasures (me)

1. vintage 80's dress- $3.50
2. Kenneth Cole jacket (NWT)- $7.50 (originally $139.00)
3. men's brown Wilsons Leather blazer- $12.50
4. vintage 80's jumper (yes, that's all one piece)- $3.00
5. vintage 80's clutch- $2.00
6. vintage 80's pumps- $3.00
7. sweater dress (this is possibly a child's since it's size XL)- $6.50

Can I get a "HOLY CRAP!!!" for that Kenneth Cole jacket?