So long sweet summer

I leave for Boston tomorrow, and I have this preposterous idea in my head that when I return (in a week) that it will no longer be summer in Austin. This is absurd, I know, because if I have learned anything in the last three years living in Texas, I know that it will still be sweltering through most of October.

Perhaps I was feeling a bit inspired by the outfit Jessica wore yesterday over at What I Wore. I, too, wanted to wear my favorite summer blouse with my go-to cutoffs at least one last time before fall.

So Long Sweet SummerSweet Summer details

date: 28 August 2009
occasion: packing and then shoe hunting, possibly with my friend Melissa
favorite summer blouse: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
favorite shorts: Billabong
favorite basic tank: Old Navy
favorite bag: gifted, vintage from my Mom (same one I talked about here)
shoes: thrifted via Savers
favorite bracelet: Naughty Secretary's Club

I'll be in Boston for the next six days, then I am going to California for my friend's wedding the following weekend. I'll be back to my regular scheduled blog content on Monday, Sept. 7th, but please keep checking back between now and then. I plan to have some scheduled posts lined up in my absence, and I also hope to get online a few mornings to post some photos. I set my phone up last night to do mobile blogging, and all the comments you leave now go to my email which is hooked up to my phone. I'll be gone, but hopefully, I'll still be connected! I'm not sure what my itinerary is for the week, so I can't promise that I'll be able to do my self-style photos each day, but I'll try! Be good while I'm gone, okay? And mind the sitter.