Bang up job!

Well, I got new bangs! Later today Hubs' former band mate and his wife will be here, and we're all going to go out for dinner. The bangs and my new skirt from last weekend will make their debut around town.

Watercolor SkirtWinnie Cooper bangs

date: 26 August 2009
occasion: hanging out with old friends, debuting the bangs at dinner
skirt: thrifted Target Go International via Buffalo Exchange
tank: Old Navy
silver locket: Grandma
silver chunky chain: F21
shoes: Victoria Spencer

The bangs are still taking some gettin' used to! I really like them. It's just that I don't quite feel like me. I go from feeling like one of these four ladies at any given moment:


No matter what your view is on Bai Ling, Winnie Cooper, Brenda Walsh, or Emily the Strange, it's a very weird thing to feel like someone who isn't me. Who knew that my hair held so much of my feelings of personal identity?