Warning: this post starts out talking about plaid, but then it moves on to BABIES

I kind of have a crush on lumberjacks. There. I said it.

I'm pretty sure it's all the red plaid that lumberjacks sport. Confession: when flannel was all the rage back in the early 90's, I stole all my grandpa's red plaid shirts and rocked the heck out of them. I'm so pleased that plaid is back for the second straight fall season. If my grandpa were still alive today, I'm pretty sure I'd be raiding his plaid collection, instead of raiding the little boys' section of Savers.

Plaid collage

date: 21 August 2009
occasion: thrifting, crafting, and a date night with the husband
vintage chiffon prairie dress: Buffalo Exchange (purchased last weekend)
plaid shirt: Polo via Savers (purchased today)
red elastic belt: Savers (purchased today)
yellow bag: F21
wedges: Victoria Spencer (Shoe Carnival)

I always feel like a weirdo shopping in the little boys' section of thrift stores. I don't think I look old enough to have a size large kid, so I sometimes wonder what the moms are thinking of me as I fill my cart with little boy clothes. I am sure they think that I'm either 1-) a perv, or 2-) a crazy girl who is stocking up for the future.

And you know what? I actually may be very close to becoming #2. During my ThriftTown excursion yesterday, I caught myself running my hands over a Jenny Lind changing table and wistfully starring at it for like ever! So... it's official, then. The husband has had baby fever for a while now, and now my biological clock has betrayed me and has ramped up to join him! I am kinda also blaming the ever stylish Melissa of Stay Forever Sunday who is maybe the most adorable pregnant person of all time and is chronicling it all over at Dear Baby.

Dear Baby Fever,
Go away! Maybe come back in late 2012, okay?
Indiana (and all her new clothes that fit her just fine just the way she is now, thankyouverymuch.)