ThriftTown report


I am not getting my hair cut tonight.

Let the record show that I did not chicken out of tonight's haircut, but rather the girl who was scheduled to do the big bang chop had an allergic reaction to the permanent lash extension adhesive fumes, so she got sick and went home for the day. I have been rescheduled for Tuesday night!

In related news: I have now vowed never to get lash extensions. If someone can breathe the toxins from the adhesive and have to go home sick, I can't imagine how a person would feel having those toxins permanently attached to their face!

That aside, today was not a bust. My neighbor Abby and I went to ThriftTown in south Austin today. It was my first ThriftTown experience, and I was quite pleased. I was surprised at how nicely organized and clean the store was. Plus it didn't even smell like grandmas... not even a little bit.

Within ten seconds of walking into the store, I found the perfect vintage globe for $12:
Vintage Globe

I had been wanting one for a while, even before I read a post about vintage globes on Apartment Therapy. It's exactly the kind I wanted: larger than 12'' and on a wooden stand. Bonus: it was made in Indianapolis, Indiana, and as you may know, I love all things Indiana.

I almost bought an awesome 80's dress marked for $4.00:

thrifttown dress

It was all one piece and it had some thick shoulder pads in place, but unfortunately it was one size too small. It was just a tad too tight for my liking. I considered buying it with the intent to lose a little weight to fit into it, but that seems silly for a $4 ThriftTown dress.

If I regret not buying it in the morning, I'll make a call and pick it up tomorrow if it's still in the store. I just have a feeling, though, that it would have been one of those pieces that I buy for the novelty factor, but never actually wear out in public.