A little ruffled

Thanks so much for all your nice comments and well wishes yesterday when I was feeling a little under the weather. Y'all are so nice! Good news: I'm feeling a little better today. So good that I got my lazy butt out of bed (mainly due to the allure of checking out a thrift store I had not yet been to), and I got outside and took a style photo today:

Ruffle Wonder
pearls and wedges

date: 20 August 2009
occasion: thrifting and doctor's appointment
shirt: estate sale
shorts: F21
bracelets: Claire's (circa 1999)
shoes: Groove (DSW)

Do you remember that time I had to shut down my overalls poll because I got word Adored Austin had been featured on a men's forum called "Girls in Overalls"? Well, I just had a quick question, kind of regarding something in that same vein. I got these two messages from two different dudes in my Flickr mail recently:

Why me?

Am I being spammed? Is this a strange joke? Or do people actually get these kind of messages once they start doing their self-style snapshots?

I don't plan on responding, but I do plan on keeping the messages in my inbox so I can laugh at them. Awkward!