Sleep it off, Adams

Sometimes people get belly aches, so they don't feel like brushing their hair or putting on a cute outfit and accessorizing. And sometimes some people who have belly aches, unbrushed hair, and a just okay outfit will think that relaxing with a DVD will make them feel better. So sometimes they'll open up a Netflix and get "Marley & Me". Sometimes after watching it, they'll cry so much that they'll hug their dog a billion times and then have to take a nap. Sometimes this will cause them to not get around to brushing their hair, getting dressed, going outside, and taking a legitimate self- style photo for their blog.

sleep it off

date: 19 August 2009
occasion: belly aching!
dress (as skirt): upcycled de-bubble hemmed dress from F21
tunic: borrowed indefinitely from Grandma
snowman house shoes: Target

That may or may not have happened to me today.