I keep my cocktail parties short

Other than nostalgia, laughter is the biggest thing that motivates me in my fashion choices. I did some South Congress thrifting yesterday and found these hilarious shorts at Feathers.

Formal shorts
Formal shorts (taking a break)
black gold details

date: 17 August 2009
occasion: acting class
shorts: Feathers Boutique
sweater: American Apparel outlet (yes, we have an outlet in Round Rock, and it's pretty awesome-- usually around 25% off retail price).
sunnies: Walmart (bought these when I took an acting gig in Waco and realized I had forgotten my own sunglasses in Austin).
shoes: Nine West thrifted via Savers

I simply adore these new (to me) Nine West lace-up heels. I bought these on the same day that I bought my new (to me) Hammer Pants. I know they're no Ann Demeulemeester lace-ups or Christian Louboutin lace-ups, but for $7.99, they'll do! I can't wait to wear these come fall!

Also... maybe you can help me out here. I need to know: under what circumstance would one wear fully beaded formal shorts? I'm wearing these to acting class tonight, but in all honesty, I'm wearing these because they're hilarious. I have a feeling, though, that these were made to be taken seriously. Were these meant for a cruise? For an evening wedding? A night at the country club? I kind of see Blanche Devereaux donning these on a hot date. What do you think?