These shoes rock

The artistic-ness of the following two photos was purely accidental:

Is that a flower on your head or are you just happy to see me?
Flower on my head (part 2)
This is pretty much what happens when you shoot at sunset, in macro mode, without your UV filter, and without white balancing correctly. Oops. These, on the other hand, turned out okay:
flower accessories
date: 14 August 2009
occasion: choosing an outfit for the Austin ice cream festival
dress: F21 thrifted via Savers
tank (under dress): F21
headband: HEB (it's a grocery store)
flower clip (pinned to headband): HEB
shoes: Carlos Santana

I know what you're thinking: Guitar legend Carlos Santana designs shoes???! Yeah, I didn't know that either until I bought these on clearance at Famous Footwear, myself. (Um, $6.50!). I was convinced that this Carlos Santana shoe guy was just a different person/ same named person as the Santana guitar legend. Kind of like Vanessa Williams (the famous one) and Vanessa Williams (the other one).

But when I came home with my new shoes in hand, I did some Wikipedia-ing. Discovery! The Carlos Santana shoe man/ guitar man are the same guy! He plays some mad guitar and he designs some darling shoes. Or at least he has a team of people who designs some darling shoes, and he has allowed them to put his name on them. Truth be told, Carlos has my vote for "Best Shoe Line Baring a the Name of a Celebrity". Waaaay better than the Jessica Simpson shoes, if you ask me.