Blog of the Week: Jen Loves Kev

Have you ever met a girl who can do it all? Jen Lula from Jen Loves Kev is one of those girls. You may have seen her featured on Weardrobe recently when she won "Best Downtown Look" with an amazing sunset photo and a polka-dot dress. Her other photos are pretty fantastic, too.

Blog of the week: Jen Love Kev

What's incredible about Jen is that not only is her site a go-to for fashion inspiration, it's also chock-full of beautiful images of the food she whips up. I mean, really! These are cook-book worthy photographs, people!
The girl can dress, the girl can cook, the girl can take stunning photos... I'm pretty sure we just discovered a younger, more hip Martha Stewart for a new generation.

Discover it at:
[images from Jen Lula]