He has no idea...

Since I'm feeling inspired by a menswear blog post over at Modcloth, I decided to sneak the husbands only plaid shirt out of his closet today to borrow. He may never get it back (even though the shirt totally reminds me of Bret's from Flight of the Concords):

Husband's shirt

date: 12 August 2009
shorts: (my favorite cut-offs) Billabong
shirt: thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, "borrowed" from the Husband
shoes: thrifted from Savers
bag: thrifted from Goodwill in Seymour, Indiana

Borrowing CMA's shirt is a lot better than borrowing his jeans. He recently gave me a pair of his BDG skinny boy denim because I was eying the Current/ Elliott boyfriend jeans over at Chickdowntown, but since I'm not working right now, I just can't afford them (nor can I convince him to buy them for me). However, he was incredibly sweet to offer up his BDGs for me to cut and cuff. It was quite a shock when I tried on his pants and found that they were a lot more snug on me than I had anticipated! What?! The husband butt should always be bigger than the wife butt! Right?

Regardless of that catastrophe, I did not have a problem feeling too large for his shirt. It's a relief to know that my chest is smaller than his. Er... wait! That didn't come out right!

Haha. I may try this outfit again, but next time I'll add a few chunky necklaces and bangles.

Hey! Speaking of necklaces, I am way excited that so many people have signed up for the Leviticus Jewelry giveaway tomorrow. Today's the last day to enter, so if you're reading this and it's still Wednesday the 12th of August, there's still time to enter. Good news: the drawing is open to anyone, regardless of where you live. So, if you live on the Russian Space Station, Tara will still figure out a way to get you your prize... pretty much.