What the ELLE?!

Why is Miley Cyrus on the cover of a magazine that isn't, you know... Teen or Bop? Am I supposed to believe that her new partnership with Max Azria at Walmart puts her in Olsen Twin Style Icon territory?
I'll be honest. I just don't know where I stand on Miley Cyrus. On one hand, I find her extremely irritating, but on the other hand, the "Miley & Max" line isn't terrible. It looks like your basic, run of the mill, F21 stuff, but for people in rural towns where Walmart is literally the only store there, it may be a welcome change.

miley & max

In an interview with People magazine, Miley "I'm not a Kid Anymore" Cyrus claims her line is made of "stuff [she] would pay $500 for, but can be bought for under $20!". She also claims that the line is "for anyone in middle America, from ages 8- 80".

Dear Miley Cyrus,
I fear that my grandma, as spunky and spry as she is, may have a coronary getting into and out of the patent pleather pants pictured on the bottom left. Additionally, I, for one, would be highly disturbed to see a second grader wearing those same pants on a day that is not Halloween. For the love of all things good and fashionable, please do not encourage anyone ages 8 or 80 (or near-abouts) to wear anything from your new line, but especially the aforementioned patent pleather pants.
Indiana Adams

Oops! Your bra was showing at your Elle cover shoot.