Overall shock!

Well, I always said I wanted my fashion and decor blog to have one foot in comedy. This is about as funny as it gets, my friends!

I was just browsing over my Google Analytics, when I discovered this little gem directing some traffic to yesterday's post about overalls (click the image to see it full size):

Womens Overalls FORUM? For men?!

It's hard to tell from the screenshot, but I do need to point out that this is from a MEN'S forum called "Girls in Overalls". Since they thought it would be in their best interest to skew the poll results heavily in favor of more girls in overalls, I had to close the poll on my original post.

I find this extremely amusing!

I seriously cannot believe that there's a men's forum out there that is solely dedicated to women in overalls. And I can't believe that the site is active! How did these dudes even find me? And what kind of dudes are these? I just asked the Husband, and he says he's neither pro-overalls or anti-overalls. He also says he would never participate in a men's "Girls in Overalls" online forum.