She could be a farmer in those clothes!

QUICK: Name this movie quote:
"She could be a farmer in those clothes!"

Speaking of overalls, I totally forgot I had these bad boys in my closet:

Speaking of overalls

date: 4 August 2009
occasion: thrifting
shirt: Target (at $8, these are a great alternative to American Apparel Deep-V's)
overalls dress: Hydraulic, thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
shoes: thrifted via Savers
pitchfork: courtesy of the Husband
inspiration: American Gothic

A girl at my church once asked incredulously, "What are you wearing?!" when I showed up to the service sporting these bad boys. Since then, I've laid off... until now. I think that with some sheer black tights, ankle booties, and a tailored black button down, these can get some mileage in the fall, too. Or maybe I'm delusional. It starts getting fall-like here in November, so I'll hang on to these at least until then.