Stellar Seller: Laced With Romance Vintage

When I first saw photos from Austin based Laced With Romance Vintage, I seriously thought they were pieces from some avant garde modeling/ portrait session. I could not believe that Briana Purser (the photographer) took such stunning photos simply for an online vintage retailer! They're exquisite works of art, y'all!
But, these photos are more than just a pretty picture. Laced with Romance easily has some of the best vintage threads of all of eBay. Aspiring vintage resellers, take note:The prices are reasonable and there are no shipping fees! All pieces are authentic vintage (at least 20 years old) and are inspected and mended to be in top notch condition. My only complaint? Like a lot of vintage resellers, there are a ton of size small and extra small, but not a lot of mediums and larges. I know, I know... people were smaller back then, but geez! What's a size medium vintage lover to do? Other than that, Laced with Romance is perfection!

New auctions go up on Fridays, so cruise on over and take a gander at what's new this week.

For more info, see the Laced With Romance eBay, Facebook, Myspace, and webpage.