DIY: Upcycled t-shirt scarf

This was one of those days when I really had no idea what I looked like until I looked at the daily photos on my computer. While running around town today, I kept feeling like my butt was hanging out of my dress. I now realize that there's a good reason for that-- it probably was. Geez. That's quite a short dress!

Thanks, WonderCraft!

date: 1 August 2009
occasion: a day with friends, running around downtown... we attempted to get free beer at the 512 Brewing Company first anniversary party and free cupcakes at the Cupcake Smackdown, but we failed miserably due to unforeseen crowds and insanely long lines! C'est la vie!
dress: American Apparel
scarf: made it myself with the help of The WonderCraft at last night's All Austin All Handmade bash!
flips: my favoritest shoes in the entire world!
pirate bracelet: Buffalo Exchange new merch
locket: another of my Grandma's yard sale items (she made me give her $2 for it! Worth it? Yes. Ridiculous? Also, yes!).

DIY: upcycled t-shirt, cowl scarf
This scarf was a cinch to make! All I did was lob off the top 1/3 of a t-shirt (the sleeves and neck area) and then I made seventeen cuts in the loop of fabric that remained (leaving a solid three inch section for the part that goes directly behind my neck). The end result is something resembling a poor man's Necklush.

Trevor Ray's photobooth photos from last night show the scarf in action.

Please don't ask me why I decided to wear ski goggles for the photo because honestly, there is no valid excuse. I was sipping the Sweet Leaf, not the fire water! I swears!