Spotlight on: Cory Ryan Photography

Cory Ryan, one of my favorite photographers in the entire world, was the photobooth photographer for last night's Bleet-Up (hosted by Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper). I already placed my order for three of the photos she got of Husband and me, including this little gem:
I just love Cory Ryan. I first saw her business postcard in a swag bag that I got from 2007's Stitch Fashion Show. In fact, it was this very image that made me develop a very deep photography admiration crush on her:
I was able to meet her a year or so later when I found out that she played bass for Hollywood Gossip, a darling pop band of which my friend Justin is also a part.

She recently won the Austin Fashion Week award for best commercial photographer. I think her work is fantastic, and it's so exciting that everyone else agrees! She always uses such bold colors, and she's quick on the trigger, able to capture the best expressions on people's faces.

If you were at the Bleet-up, make sure to check Cory Ryan's Flickr page and then scootch over to her ordering site to get your copies. If you're in need of an incredibly talented professional photographer, I can't recommend Cory enough.

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