Yes, that's a necklace on my head.

I know, I know. Arden Wohl has been doing the whole necklace on your head as a headband for years. No one ever said I was completely original all the time!

Yes, that's a necklace on my head

date:29 July 2009
occasion: shopping solo on South Congress today
tunic: Angie (new merch from Buffalo Exchange)
shorts (under tunic): XOXOX (Macy's)
wedges: Donna Lawrence
necklace (as headband): Charlotte Ruse

I haven't yet decided if this is what I'm also going to wear to tonight's Bleet-Up. The Bleet-Up (what a ridiculous name, right?) is at The Four Seasons, and there's going to be wine tasting. Sounds swanky! So I should maybe put on a nice dress and brush my hair.