Circle Scarf dress with help from a belt

One of my favorite American Apparel purchases has been the ever versatile Unisex Circle Scarf. I've had the scarf for ages, but I have never been brave enough to wear it as anything other than a scarf. Until now.

Circle Scarf dress

date: 24 July 2009
occasion: date night at Sushi Saké and The Cookie Lounge
scarf (as dress): American Apparel
elastic studded belt: new merch from Buffalo Exchange
shoes: Christian Louboutin
bag: Marshalls

When Husband got home from work, I asked him if he liked my dress. Not having seen it before, he eyed it suspiciously and asked, "Where did you get it?"
Me: "It's my Circle Scarf! Does it look strange?"
Him: "No. It looks like something you would wear."

Has anyone ever said that to you? "It looks like something you would wear"? I never know what to think when people say that to me. Sometimes I'm insulted... especially if we're shopping and they hold up something hideous and exclaim, "Hey, this looks like something you would wear!". But sometimes, like last night, I'm just plain confused.

Nonetheless, my new bravery with my Circle Scarf has inspired a video idea. Hopefully I can shoot it this weekend and get it online by Monday night!