Linebacker shoulder pads

Do you remember the first time you bought a really, really expensive pair of jeans? I do.

Mint Chutney

These jeans were my first very expensive denim purchase. While in college I saved and saved my hard earned Clinique counter commissions, and I finally had enough to buy these Paper Denim + Cloth jeans that fit like a dream. However, the very first night that I ever wore them, I went downtown with my friend Glen and I fell off a bar stool! I spilled my drink on some poor girl and I ripped a hole in the knee! I felt like crying.

date: 23 July 2009
occasion: eating Indian food with Abby and going to Hobby Lobby
silk jacket: thrifted 1980's Maggie London via Savers ($5.99!)
jeans: Paper Denim + Cloth (circa 2006)
tank: F21
bag: Marshall's (no tag)

Today it's only 83º outside. Notice how when it gets below 90º, I put on long pants and sleeves! This jacket was a recent-ish find from Savers. The shoulder pads are MASSIVE, and a girl at my church called my jacket "hilarious". I think she secretly meant "awesome". Right?