Housewives, represent!

I don't think I've mentioned this on here, but for the last three months or so, I've been in full-on housewife mode. I had jaw surgery last April and along with jaw surgery comes a set of adorable pre-pubescent braces. You can't get acting work as an adult when you have a mouth full of metal. More than likely, they'll come off in October, and then I can get back to work!

So today, whilst in full-on housewife mode, I am attempting to make zucchini bread. Husband picked some ginormous zucchinis from our garden, and he asked if I would pretty please make some zucchini bread. He's just so charming that I had to comply. I wasn't planning on doing a style file photo today since I'm just schlepping around the house, but my apron is so cute that I just had to show it off.

housewife collage

date: 22 July 2009
occasion: baking zucchini bread for Husband
dress: Star Vixen (???) thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
1960's apron: estate sale
shoes: Target, Xhilaration

This apron was another find at an estate sale. In fact, it was the same estate sale where I found this suitcase. I cleaned up at that estate sale! I think I spent more there than my last few excursions of Buffalo Exchange. If I had more free time on my hands, I would start some sort of vintage shop with treasures that I find from estate sales. And just so you know, I would not call my shop "Dead Grandmas", mainly because Husband informed me that that would be poor taste... even though I asked my Grandma what she thought about this, and she thought it was funny.