Schwinn Sashay

True story: I did not learn to ride a bike without training wheels until the fifth grade. And the only reason why I finally took them off my bike is because I weighed so much that the training wheels kept breaking off.

Summer Breeze Biking
date: 17 July 2009
occasion: morning bike ride
summer sweater: estate sale
muscle shirt: bought from Flying J Truck Stop/ Gas Station (yes, really... it was $3 and I could not pass it up!)
tube top: Hanes
shorts: Express
belt: Target (worn backwards)
chain link necklace: F21
shoes: Toms (pretty much the only tennis shoes I'll wear in public)

Just so you know, it's true what they say about bicycles. Once you learn, you really don't forget. I pretty much stopped riding a bike once I got my drivers license, but that all changed last year when my friend Heidi had a bike riding birthday party. After a ten year hiatus, I had to get back on. No training wheels needed... which is good because I weigh way more than I did in the fifth grade.