Day 2: Austin Fashion Week

My pastor's daughter Alison (who I think is five) always wears a bow on the side of her head. It's definitely her trade mark, and I get a little sad if she happens to show up on a Sunday without it. Last Sunday I was trying to figure out why I loved it so much, and I realized that a bow on the side of your head is instantly whimsical and youthful. So, trying to add a little whimsy to yesterday's Style Week outfit, I found a piece of ribbon, tied it to a bobby pin, and pinned it to the side of my head. Yes, it's ridiculous, but the amount of compliments I got on it were astounding. Perhaps I should ask Alison if her trade mark can also be my trade mark.

date: 14 July 2009
occasion: party hopping at Austin Fashion Week
dress: Karta (thrifted via Buffalo Exchange)
espadrilles: Victoria Spencer (Shoe Carnival, baby!)
bag: Guess (Ross)