A Summer Sunday in Texas

I know, I know. My boots and bag are a bit beat up, but I simply cannot stop loving them. I bought the boots the month I moved to Texas because c'mon! Who lives in Texas and doesn't own a pair of cowboy boots? These have seen many a dusty day on the set of the first and second seasons of Friday Night Lights, so they carry a lot of sentimental value.

As for the bag, for as long as I can remember, it was my Mom's daily tote (who uses Gucci as a daily tote?!). Last summer, I saw it laying all dejected like on the bottom of her closet. She was planning on tossing it! Quelle horror! I rescued said bag, and now it's mine to use daily if I'd like. Perhaps one day I'll get it restored and pass it on to my fashion forward future kiddo, but right now I like it as is. You can tell it's lived a long, full life.

date: 12 July 2009
occasion: churching then Sunday chillaxing
dress: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
boots: Steve Madden
bag: vintage Gucci (thanks, Mom)
socks: pilfered from Husband.

I'm now 90% sure that I should have pushed my socks down outta sight, but at the time (and maybe disillusioned by the hot Texas sun) I was convinced that letting them peak out was an adorable idea.