My Austin Fashion Week schedule

Well, isn't that neat? Austin Fashion Week has its schedule online and you can see who is attending what. My Fashion Week schedule is packed to the gills!

Austin Fashion Week is coincidentally the same week that most of my inner social circle is taking a mission trip to El Salvador, so it looks like I'll be jamming solo to a lot of these events. If you're an Austinite and you'd be cool with me tagging along with you, let me know!

Good news: I got some clarification about the $43 AFW tickets. Matt Swiney, the man in charge of AFW, says most of the events on the calendar are free to attend. Did you catch that? FREE TO ATTEND! The $43 pass is strictly for the Long Center event/ awards show on Sunday evening. That's still definitely worth going to, but if money's tight, you can still enjoy most of fashion week.

For more information, check out the full calendar online.