1967 Cool Hand Indiana Style

"What we have here is a failure to communicate" is one of the best movie lines of all time. Last night CMA and I went to the Paramount Theater to watch Cool Hand Luke. If you haven't seen Cool Hand Luke, yet, I honestly have no idea how we're even friends. :0)

It was a pretty fancy date night, lemme tell you! CMA had a coupon for Souper Salad, so we totally hit up the buffet for an incredibly ritzy dinner.

Date: 8 July 2009
Occasion: Date night!
Details: purple dress-Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange. Brand- INC.
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters.
cork wedges- Target Xhilaration.
round suitcase- Vintage via an estate sale. Brand- Samsonite

Truly, that round suitcase is one of my favorite things, ever from an estate sale. Some people are totally creeped out by estate sales, but not me! I love 'em. At the last estate sale I went to, I got a typewriter, a yearbook, a Polaroid camera, a tape recorder, the suitcase, an Indiana glass pitcher, and a ton of insanely cute vintage clothing, all for under $40.00. Therefore, I really recommend getting over the creeped out feeling of buying a dead person's stuff.