Etsy discovery: Berkley Illustration

Confession: I have lived in my house for almost two years, and CMA and I have only hung one piece of art. But isn't it awesome? There are three main contributing factors to my sadly bare walls:
1. It took me this long to finally pick wall colors! (the above is my kitchen), and
2. It was important to me that we buy art that has some kind of meaning to us, and
3. I didn't want prints that were readily available at Ikea or Target, so that our house (which is in a very cookie-cutter subdivision) has some elements of being unique.

I finally settled on this amazing Berkley Illustration print of Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, and I couldn't be happier. They're hung right beside our back window which overlooks our bird feeder. An adorable cardinal couple comes each morning and evening to get their fill on seeds. So, naturally, I had to have this homage to them.

Berkley Illustration is freaking hilarious. I love his whimsical style, and his prints are always good conversation pieces. There are tons of animals to choose from (including an octopus and a great white shark!), and they'd look just as adorable in a kid's in as they would look in a living room. Starting at just $10, it's some of the most affordable art, ever. Below are some of my other favorites:
Clockwise from top left
1. Yearbook series T-Rex Magnent "Best Dressed". $5.
2. Squirrel print. 5x7, $10.
3. Old Timey Biker Daredevil print. 8x10, $18.
4. Tiger print. 8x10, $18.

For more info and more laughs, check out:
Berkley Illustration's shop and
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